The RSA has a number of military items which are on loan and are owned by the RSA.

We accept any military item or any items that has an association to the military.

If you have any such items, you can either;

1. Donate it to the RSA

Becomes the property of the RSA and is displayed with the name of the person who donated the item.

example; medals donated to the RSA will remain on display and cannot be removed for wear.

2. Loan it to the RSA

Ownership is retained by the person who has loaned the item to the RSA. It will be displayed as a Loan item.

example, Medals can be loaned to the RSA for display and worn by recipients family on ANZAC day

If you have any items for the RSA please contact the Secretary\Manager

Wanted Memorabilia

The Turangi RSA is currently seeking any of the following for display pieces at the RSA

  • Artillery
  • Anti Aircraft
  • Armoured Vehicles
  • Medals
  • Trench Art
  • War Items

You can either donate your item to the RSA or allow us to have it on permanent loan. You retain ownership and the RSA will care for it, maintain it and display it.

If you have such a piece, and you would like the public to enjoy a piece of NZ Military History, please contact;

The President, Vice President or the Secretary Manager

World War 1 Centennial Project 1914 – 1918

If you have photographs of family members who served and their stories, please contact Duncan McKenzie, project manager.